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Advance Compensation Law to be Presented to Ministers

The law states how much money each family will be given for moving expenses, monthly rent, and other dry details governing the uprooting of the families from their homes.
First Publish: 9/13/2004, 3:57 PM / Last Update: 9/13/2004, 10:04 AM

The Justice Ministry committee charged with formulating the Evacuation/Compensation Law for Prime Minister Sharon's disengagement/expulsion plan has completed its work, and the rough draft of the bill will be submitted to the security-cabinet ministers tomorrow.

The bill states specifically that the evacuation applies only to Israeli citizens.

The purpose of the law, as outlined in its introduction, is to "enable eligible residents of Israel who are interested in doing so, to leave of their own will as soon as today, the area on which applies the June 6th Cabinet decision to evacuate the land and structures built there and to transfer them to the State, in exchange for an advance payment of compensation, which will be calculated according to the principles of compensation recommended by the Committee for Matters of Evacuation, Compensation and Alternate Housing, that was established in accordance with Clause 6 of the above Cabinet decision."

The law seeks to determine the "center of life" of each residents, in consideration of his place of work, membership in a cooperative settlement, the children's schools, and more.

Each family is to receive at least $200,000 for its home and land.

The law stipulates the sums that will be made available to residents for moving expenses - a minimum of 9,000 shekels, and up to 18,000 shekels for families of six people or more - as well as for monthly rent: 2025 shekels for families of 4-5 people, and 2,250 shekels for those with 6 or more, for a period of six months. Residents who agree to move to the Galilee or the Negev, or to an area defined as one of high national priority, will receive an extra sum of 90,000 shekels. Compensation will be paid to workers who are forced to leave their jobs; the sum will be equal to an average monthly salary, payable each month for a half-year.

Sources in the Prime Minister's Office said today that they estimate that 50% of the residents will take advantage of the "voluntary evacuation" offer and will leave in the coming 12 months. In fact, however, well over 90% of the residents in Gush Katif have said that they will not leave of their own volition.

Other aspects of the evacuation and expulsion to be legislated include the following: The definition of the areas; the date after which no Israelis other than residents and service providers will be allowed into Gaza; the date by which Israelis must remove themselves and all their belongings; factories and businesses to be liquidated or transferred; compensation for public bodies and structures such as schools and synagogues; a ceiling for lawyers' fees; and sanctions against those who enter Gaza illegally after the set date.