Mass Prayer at Western Wall Precedes Gaza Expulsion Protest

Western Wall, Jerusalem – A prayer rally filled the Western Wall plaza as thousands of worshippers cried out to God to protect the Jewish people from terrorism and expulsion from parts of Israel.

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, | updated: 22:22

The prayer rally preceded the major rally scheduled to take place in Zion Square, in Jerusalem’s City Center.

Psalms were sung in a responsive manner, with loudspeakers projecting the sound of King David’s poetry through Jerusalem’s Old City and the surrounding hills.

The recitation of Psalms was punctuated by the blowing of rams’ horns, symbolic of the Jewish people calling out to the Creator - and followed by the sounding of silver trumpets, which were traditionally sounded each day at the Temple and in times of trouble.

The prayers were led by former Chief Rabbis Mordechai Eliyahu and Avraham Kahane Shapira. The event was covered live on Israel National Radio's 'Activist Hour, with Avi Hyman.