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MK Eldad: Sharon Will Be To Blame If Civil War Erupts

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) says it could be that Prime Minister Sharon himself should be indicted for incitement - and that it will be Sharon's fault if a civil war breaks out.
First Publish: 9/12/2004, 3:53 PM / Last Update: 9/12/2004, 5:36 PM

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) says it could be that Prime Minister Sharon himself should be indicted for incitement. In 1995, when Yitzchak Rabin was Prime Minister, then-MK Sharon said, "A soldier must fulfill orders. But if he feels that the order given him is against his conscience, then he personally - it's not a matter of rebellion - he personally must stand before his commander, explain to him, and be willing to bear the consequences."

Eldad told Arutz-7 today,
"Sharon is [today] clearly blaming the right-wing for civil war. But he is also saying something on which we can agree with him, and that is that we must remove the army and the security forces from this filthy game. We say the same thing: take the army and the police and the Shabak out of this filthy game - but it must be two-way. Don't sic the Shabak and the police on the settlers; don't give them blatantly illegal orders; don't have them start making plans before the relevant laws have been passed.
"The problem is that with Sharon, everything is unilateral. Just as he wants to retreat unilaterally, he also hopes that the democracy, and justice, and propaganda are all one-sided, and that everything is permitted to him and forbidden to us. This is intolerable!"
"Sharon explained [in 1995; see above] precisely how soldiers should go about not fulfilling orders, so for him to say now that we are inciting towards a civil war - this is scandalous."

Arutz-7's Ariel Kahane asked Eldad: "If, Heaven forbid, a civil war develops, will it really make a difference to any one of us which side is to blame?"

MK Eldad: "Most certainly not. A civil war is truly the destruction of the Zionist enterprise; there is no doubt about this, and we have to do everything that we can. But we cannot therefore declare that we are giving up in advance and not waging the struggle. We will wage a non-violent struggle; Heaven forbid that anyone should raise a hand against the soldiers or against a policeman. However, the struggle will be in such numbers - tens of thousands of people who will not let go of the settlement [enterprise] - that what I think will happen will be that Sharon himself will give the order to fire artillery at us; [Meretz-Yachad MK Avshalom] Vilan proposed a couple of weeks ago that Sharon repeat the Altalena episode. If Sharon refuses to see the tens of thousands and ignores everything, he will bring about a civil war by giving the order to fire."

A-7: "What will all this help us if Heaven forbid we reach such a situation?"

MK Eldad: "It's true that this has happened before in history... But there is no choice: we have to fight for what we believe in, and against what we believe will bring an unspeakable calamity upon Israel and the Land of Israel. We cannot surrender merely because Sharon accuses us of inciting to civil war. This is exactly his plan - to corner us and put the blame on us for a civil war, thus weakening us so that we will stop fighting - but this won't happen."

Gush Etzion Mayor Sha'ul Goldstein took a more moderate stand; see article.