Daily Israel Report

PM Sharon Under Fire

First Publish: 9/10/2004, 2:32 PM / Last Update: 9/10/2004, 2:41 PM

Along similar lines, Gaza Coast Regional Head Avner Shimoni accused Prime Minister Sharon this morning of giving a "supportive wind" to terrorism. Responding to the recent spate of Kassam rockets and mortar shells being fired from Gaza at the Negev and Gush Katif, Shimoni said,
"Sharon's disengagement plan gives a supportive wind to terrorism, and therefore they are intensifying their shooting on Gush Katif and the Negev. We will not be able to live peacefully anywhere in Israel until we fight terrorism with determination."

The Prime Minister spoke at a Likud Youth meeting last night - and was loudly heckled. Several members of the audience held signs and called upon him to resign, while others tried to shout them down. The Prime Minister was forced to stop his speech several times because of the disturbances.