Israel Offers Assistance to Victims of Ossetia School Massacre

Israel has offered various treatments and assistance to the victims of the terrorist attack on a Russian school by Chechen and Arab terrorists.

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, | updated: 20:07

Dr. Shmuel Shapira, deputy director general of Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem, said that as a physician and a Jew in a country suffering from terrorism, he could not stand idly by and do nothing. "We have very extensive experience in treating terror victims generally in Israel and especially in Hadassah," Shapira told CNS News. "As I was looking at the TV I thought about what Hadassah can offer a big state like Russia," said Shapira.

Hadassah has offered to send child psychiatrists and psychologists – experts in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder – together with Russian-speaking Israeli psychiatrists and psychologists to Russia provide assistance to the victims of the terrorist massacre.

The Michael Cherney Fund will also fly many of the survivors, together with their mothers, to Israel for treatment from Israeli specialists. The fund was created after the Dolphinarium terror attack on a crowded discotheque Tel Aviv, which killed 20 teenagers and wounded over 100 in 2001.

At least 330 people were killed and some 700 more wounded last week when Chechan terrorists seized a school in the autonomous Caucasus area of North Ossetia on the first day of school.