France Allows Hizbullah Broadcasts To Continue

, | updated: 16:51

France's highest court, the State Council, has prevented a move by French officials to ban Hizbullah's television station, Al-Manar. The Council gave the terror group two months to demonstrate that its broadcasts are not anti-Semitic. Haitham Manna, who heads France's Arab Human Rights Commission, told Islam Online that Friday's court decision was a triumph over the pressures practiced by the Zionist lobby against the Arab channel.

On the other hand, "There will have to be a strong commitment that there will not be any anti-Semitic programming," said Sylvie Clement-Cuzin, the State Council's legal director.

The Al-Manar case reached the State Council after several French Jewish organizations reacted with outrage to an anti-Semitic series aired on Al-Manar. Manna, who is also a member of the Commission in Solidarity with Al-Manar, said the channel would easily manage to maintain its legal existence in France and Europe. He said that the court ruling is actually a tactful rejection of the charges against Al-Manar.

The ruling negates a commitment to close Al-Manar made by French officials to President Moshe Katzav while he was in France on an official visit last February. Israeli officials provided French leaders with virulently anti-Semitic recordings from Al-Manar television, including scenes promoting the ancient blood libel accusing Jews of killing non-Jewish children to use their blood for religious purposes.

Hizbullah terrorist officials responded to the charges by insisting the station is merely anti-Israel, not anti-Semitic.

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