Jewish Center In Paris Burnt Down

, | updated: 15:57

French anti-Semitic violence has reached the Jewish Community Center in Paris. A fire broke out in the building early this morning, destroying it almost totally, and anti-Jewish graffiti was scrawled at the site. No one was hurt.

"To be a Jew in France today is a difficult thing," Israeli sources in Paris told Ynet. "You can't identify yourself as a Jew because it is dangerous." It has been widely noted that the officials in France are attempting to fight the growing phenomenon. French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac's office, as well as the Mayor of Paris and the local police chief, issued statements condemning today's attack.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said today, "We express our deep concern in light of this debased anti-Semitic attack that occurred in France. We wish to strengthen the French community, and we admire the speed with which Chirac and the French authorities acted. We hope that they take strong action against this phenomenon."

A week ago, anti-Semitic graffiti was sprayed near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, including swastikas and "Death to the Jews." A few days before that, 60 graves in the Jewish cemetery in Lyon, in southeastern France, were vandalized. Among the desecrated gravestones was a large one in memory of Jewish soldiers killed during World War II.

Another recent French attack on Jews occurred in Auschwitz earlier this month, when French tourists accosted a visiting group of Israeli Jews. One young Israeli woman, wearing an Israeli flag, was assaulted by a French anti-Semite, who also repeatedly cursed and insulted her.

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