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      Jerusalem Day

      Jews in Jerusalem and all over the world will celebrate the miraculous Six Day War reunification of their Eternal City and Capital tonight and tomorrow.
      First Publish: 5/18/2004, 4:10 PM / Last Update: 5/18/2004, 5:28 PM

      Tonight and tomorrow, the 28th of the month of Iyar, mark the 37th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. Many events are being and will be held in the capital to commemorate the event, including the following:

      * The traditional Yom Yerushalayim celebration at Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav Kook, beginning with a prayer service and a festive meal, and ending around 1 AM with a mass march to the Old City. Participating will be leading rabbis, politicians and army officers: Rabbis Shapira, Eliyahu, Amar, Ariel, Druckman, Melamed and more, Ministers Eitam, Elon, Orlev, and possibly Landau; and Ground Forces Commander Gen. Yiftach Ron-Tal, and more.

      * Tens of thousands will take place in the Rikudgalim (Flag Dance) March tomorrow afternoon, ending with a festive ceremony at the Western Wall.

      * A march of members of moshavim (agricultural cooperative communities) in Jerusalem today

      * A ceremony for top-notch policemen at City Hall today

      * MKs and leaders of the Tekumah Party (a faction of the National Union) will take part in a solidarity visit with the residents of the new locations in the Mt. of Olives vicinity this afternoon. They will visit The renewed Yemenite Village in Kfar HaShiloach and the newest neighborhood of Kidmat Zion, and will plant trees and place mezuzot on new apartments' doorposts. Participating will be Rabbis Dov Lior, Zalman Melamed, and Chaim Shteiner, MKs Tzvi Hendel and Uri Ariel, and others.

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