Top Gov´t Minister: No Meeting Between Sharon And Bush

Despite previous announcements, no future meeting between Bush and Sharon has ever been scheduled, "and apparently never will be" - at least according to a top government minister.

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, | updated: 13:18

In the meantime, Sharon's top aide Dov Weisglass continues to try to arrange a meeting for his boss with U.S. President George Bush. As reported here last week, however, such efforts have so far been in vain.

A top government minister informed Arutz-7 sources that, contrary to announcements by the Prime Minister's Bureau and the Prime Minister himself, no future meeting has ever been scheduled between Bush and Sharon - "and apparently never will be." Sharon had earlier told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, echoing the Prime Minister's Bureau, that a meeting would be held on March 29. Arutz-7's Haggai Seri-Levy called the Bureau, however, which confirmed that no meeting had ever been scheduled. Seri-Levy was informed that "late March to early April" is now the next possibility, but that nothing has been finalized.

Many obstacles exist in the path of such a meeting. These include: no agreement on what "concessions" Israel would receive from the U.S. in exchange for a withdrawal, if any; the increasing rumors that Sharon will be indicted this week on the Greek Island and/or Cyril Kern scandals; and the negative ramifications of a Bush-Sharon meeting on Bush's election campaign.