Elon Decries "Atheist-Left-Moslem-Murderous" Alliance

Tourism Minister Benny Elon said that his alliance with Bible-believing and Israeli-supporting Christians is praiseworthy - as opposed to that between Moslem murderers and extreme left-wing atheists.

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Elon Decries "Atheist-Left-Moslem-Murderous" Alliance
Arab MK Abdel Malek Dehamshe explained on Monday why he filed a no-confidence motion in the government. Mentioning Halakhah [Jewish Law] several times, Dehamshe said as follows:
"...A minister sits in the government and makes demands that are against not only the law, but also against the Jewish Halakhah. Minister Elon, as quoted in Maariv on Feb. 8, told Christian missionaries... to 'go from mosque to mosque and bring the light to Moslems.' Thank you very much, Mr. Minister. The Moslems brought the light to the entire world even before you were born and studied and knew... This religion needs the light of Minister Benny Elon, or of Christian preachers and missionaries? What type of injustice is this? But not only that, he even called the Moslems 'murderers.' Master of the Universe! ... I don't know if Minister Elon is aware of this, but the Jewish Halakhah forbids [sic] trying to get Moslems to change their religion... You are wearing a kippah [yarmulke] and you are a rabbi and you are the son of a man who taught me - and I thank him for that - Jewish Law, among other things. How did you not learn this from your father or in the Beit HaMedrash [yeshiva study hall]? ... First you call for transfer, and now this injustice..."

Minister Elon responded by saying that he had not called for missionizing among Moslems in general, and that the alliance between Jewish leftists and Moslem murderers must be condemned:
"First of all, regarding the facts: Even the newspaper article that you are holding, MK Dehamshe, if you read it to the end you'll see that it's perfectly clear that I was not referring to all Moslems, but only to murderers and those in the mosques who incite to murder. It is very clear, but for you it was just another excuse to call me a racist as you [plural] are accustomed to doing. I'm used to it already...
"Regarding the issue itself: MK Dehamshe - I will tell you this personally, for you represented Sheikh Yassin, the terrorist of the #18 bus, and you yourself sat in jail for things that I thought you regretted and changed your ways about. But I see again and again that when you [plural] find yourselves on an intersection of identification with the State of Israel, again and again you identify with --- [cut off].
"I have read the reactions of the Israeli left, concerned about my joining up with Christians who love Israel. I am now coming from Tourism Week [with Christians] who are the ones who are coming here as tourists and who remain loyal to Israel."

After an interruption by Dehamshe about an "outrageous alliance," Elon responded with anger:
"I know one outrageous alliance - that of leftist atheists, extremist civil-rights advocates, who walk hand-in-hand with extremist Moslem murderers in Hyde Park demonstrations and elsewhere around the world, and demonstrate against America and against Israel! This is the outrageous coalition that I know of! [interruption by MK Yossi Sarid] The extreme left-wing that exudes poison, that gives ammunition [to Israel's enemies], just like that display in Sweden [equating a woman Palestinian terrorist, depicted as Snow White, with her Israeli victims] made by an Israeli-Swede who would certainly have voted for you, MK Sarid, or one of the other [left-wing or Arab] parties here. You are the ones who nurture the current anti-Semitism, because the current anti-Semitism is led by the most extreme Islamists...
"Therefore, those extremists, those who continue to fight the wars of the past - who think that anti-Semitism will appear only as it has in the past, on the background of Wagner's music, MK Sarid, and only on a Christian background: Allow me to inform you that today, the place where the Protocols of the Elders of Zion [is being disseminated] and where it is the biggest best-seller, is not on any street in Europe, and not on any street in America. Today, the place where classic anti-Semitic claims are made is here, the geographic center of the People of Israel! The center of hatred for Israel is here! A large Jewish ghetto surrounded by hatred for Israel is right here!
"And the enemies who lead it earn great admiration from [MKs such as] Issam Mahoul, who speaks from this Knesset podium about the Israel Defense Forces using uranium against Arab citizens! The hatred that incites towards the murder of Jews, that incites towards the uprooting of Jews, is led by extremist Moslem Arabs! And those who feed it, to our shame and disgrace, are also Uri Avnery and a Jewish extremist left, quoted by all of the European media, and whose exhibits prettify today's Jew-hatred. [constant interruptions, throughout the speech, by Arab MKs]

"Therefore, this outrageous alliance between MK Dehamshe, a Moslem religious extremist, and the Jewish left-wing atheists here, is to be totally condemned - while the coalition between myself and Christians, for whom the Bible is a common ground, is [praiseworthy].
"I would just add that I have made it clear to all the Christians with whom I cooperate personally and publicly, and I repeat this here, that if they attempt to missionize amongst Jews, I will have nothing to do with them, and they in fact comply with this. If they are interested in disseminating the Bible the way they see it, there are enough idol-worshippers amongst whom they can do this, and also, unfortunately, there are enough Muslim murderers who used to be close to us but who have now turned into the worst - they don't even keep the Seven Noachide Commandments [among which is a ban on murder]. It was those murderers and those who incite to murder about whom I was speaking.

"And now, I would like to conclude in a relaxed manner: I hope that those who are now angry will hear these words. If you, MK Dehamshe, have a spiritual influence, then try to have Islam repent, that it return to its roots, be normal, loving of man, stop inciting to murder, become once again the tolerant Islam that advanced science, that brought us algebra, that has broad shares in human culture from which [they] have run away. Thank you."