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      P.A. Declares "Day Of Rage"

      In honor of the hearing at The Hague, at which Israel will be put "on trial" for defending itself by building a partition between its citizens and neighboring terrorists, PA officials have declared a "Day of Rage."
      First Publish: 2/20/2004, 1:06 PM / Last Update: 2/20/2004, 2:50 PM

      In honor of the hearing at The Hague beginning this Monday, at which Israel will be put "on trial" for defending itself by building a wall between its citizens and neighboring terrorists, PA officials have announced that Monday will be a "Day of Rage" throughout Judea and Samaria. A siren will be sounded at noon in various PA-controlled cities and villages, followed by a one-hour warning strike. Protest activities will be held throughout the Palestinian Authority, and school children will take part in protest marches and other events. Israel's police and military have received special instructions, and will be closely monitoring the situation.

      The Hague has announced that the hearing against Israel's counter-terrorism security barrier hearing will be transmitted live on the court's website at "http://www.icj-cij.org/".

      Members of one of Israel's Arab parties, Hadash-Ta'al, will be traveling to The Hague on Sunday to demonstrate against Israel's policies in building the partition. MKs Ahmed Tibi, Muhammed Barakeh and Isam Makhoul will complicate the Foreign Ministry efforts to present a united Israeli effort in Holland in defense of the barrier. Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim has suggested to the Arab MKs to enter the charred remains of the #19 bus that will be on display outside the courtroom. A Palestinian terrorist blew up the bus last month in central Jerusalem, murdering 11 people.

      In contrary to photographs of the wall generally presented in the world media, the barrier is concrete along only 5% of its length, while the remainder is made up of chain-link fencing and natural barriers.

      Over 900 Jewish students from all over Europe and Israel will take part in a rally outside The Hague in solidarity with Israel and against PA terror. Organized by the Jewish Agency, marching students will carry placards with the pictures and names of the victims of the past three and a half years of Palestinian terrorism. The rally will conclude with a silent vigil in front of the International Court of Justice in memory of the fallen. The student delegation will also hold a series of events in Holland, highlighting PA terrorism and its tragic consequences. To this end, the Jewish Agency has prepared various informational materials, flyers, stickers, banners and outfits with anti-terror slogans. The Jewish Agency delegation comprises students from the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS), European Jewish Student Unions, European Zionist Youth Movements, National Union of Israel Students and Israeli parliamentary aides.