IDF Takes The Media Offensive, As Well

In response to the international media attack against the IDF's counter-terrorism offensive in Gaza yesterday, the IDF has announced that Palestinian terrorists are endangering Arab non-combatants.

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In an attempt to withstand the international media attack against the IDF's counter-terrorism offensive in Gaza yesterday, which resulted in the deaths of 12-15 armed terrorists, the IDF has released pictures and films of a Palestinian terrorist firing from within a crowd of civilians. See "".

Summarizing yesterday's day-long operation, the army announced that the purpose of the offensive was to "strike out at the cells of those who place roadside bombs in the area, and the cells of those who launch mortar shells and Kassam rockets."

At one point during the operation, soldiers found that terrorists endangered non-combatants by storing bombs, explosive materials and grenades inside a residential building. The forces evacuated the building of civilians and blew up the cache, leading to the building's destruction.

"It is important to stress," said the IDF Spokesperson's office, "that the terrorist organizations endanger the civilian [Arab] population with the use of buildings and infrastructures in the heart of populated areas for their terrorist activities." It should be noted that armed military activity from within civilian population is in violation of the Geneva Convention.

"The combat didn't begin today and did not end today," said Lt.-Col. Ofer, one of those who commanded the operation, "but this operation was beneficial for the People of Israel." Among the terrorists killed in the operation was Hani Abu Sahila of Hamas, who was involved in many Kassam rocket and shooting attacks against Israelis, as well as in the murderous attack against American security personnel last October.

Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler reports that more mortar shells were fired at Israeli targets last night, including at least one that landed in a Jewish community, causing damage to a home; one person was reported as suffering from shock. Intelligence warnings of terrorism attacks are increasing, and stand today at no fewer than 51.