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Fighting Palestinian Terrorists In Gaza

First Publish: 2/11/2004, 2:16 PM / Last Update: 2/11/2004, 4:13 PM

Fighting Palestinian Terrorists In Gaza
IDF forces, attempting to fight the rising tide of Palestinian terrorism in Gaza, entered the area today to catch terrorists - and ended up in a full-fledged battle. The objectives originally were to stop groups of terrorists who have fired Kassam rockets and mortar shells, but they were discovered by several PA para-military policemen. Twelve Arabs were killed in the ensuing battle - mostly Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, including the bodyguard of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Another IDF force operated without major incident in the Rafiach area, with the goal of apprehending wanted terrorists and uncovering arms-smuggling tunnels. No Israelis were hurt.

Shortly after the Israeli forces withdrew, Palestinian terrorists fired two Kassam rockets into pre-1967 Israel, north of the Gaza Strip. No one was hurt, though one rocket landed in a built-up area.