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      Raising the Maccabees? Flame In N. Samaria

      Sa-Nur, a Jewish community located in the northern Shomron between Shechem and Jenin, is hosting a conference and subsequent Torah scroll dedication today.
      First Publish: 12/25/2003, 8:16 AM / Last Update: 12/24/2003, 12:34 PM

      Hundreds of people are expected to attend, among them leading Israeli rabbis and Knesset members. The Torah to be dedicated was the gift of a pro-Land of Israel organization from Haifa.

      Sa-Nur, originally an artists colony populated primarily by immigrants from the former Soviet Union, is now also the home of nine religious families, with twelve children, and two bachelors who moved in over the past year. The families that moved in did so, according to Sa-Nur resident Yossi Dagan, in response to the need to strengthen the community, which was losing members due to the deteriorating security situation. Furthermore, Sa-Nur, Dagan pointed out, cuts into an area that is solidly Arab, and from which most of the Arab suicide bombers have come to strike at Jewish targets over the past three years.

      When asked by Arutz-7 about comments made this week by US Ambassador to Israel Dan Kurtzer to the effect that unauthorized outposts in Judea, Samaria and Gaza must be removed immediately, Dagan said, "We are here because of the Holy One, Blessed be He, and not because of George Bush or Ehud Olmert." Dagan said that, in his opinion, one of the reasons the northern Shomron has relatively few Jewish communities is that there was not a serious Torah-oriented center established there, until now. The words "sa nur", Dagan commented, mean to raise a flame - "and we are raising the flame of the Maccabees in Sa-Nur."