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MK Omri Sharon Sends Calming, But Confusing, Signal To Migron

Likud MK Omri Sharon - son of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - implied this morning that Migron is not likely to be uprooted in the near future. Migron residents are not complacent.
First Publish: 12/23/2003, 5:32 PM / Last Update: 12/23/2003, 4:14 PM

Likud MK Omri Sharon - son of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - made some careful and thought-out statements this morning implying that Migron is not likely to be uprooted in the near future. Speaking with Army Radio, MK Sharon - who is known neither for garrulousness nor for right-wing tendencies - said that the unilateral gestures his father spoke about last week do not necessarily include the uprooting of Yesha towns. "I hear a fervor for evacuation," Sharon the younger said, "but it's not certain that that's the direction." Asked directly about Migron, he said that there are some outposts that should be removed, but that there are others that serve top security interests, "and it's not certain that they can be removed... There are some places that have been in existence since [Ehud] Barak's time, and they have received tacit approval or consent via government aid."

Legal obstacles might stand in the way of planned expulsion of Jewish residents from their homes, according to the Israel Broadcasting Authority's legal commentator Moshe Negbi. (See article below). Suzie Dym of the grassroots organization Cities of Israel says, "If special legislation is required to expel them, as Negbi tells us, then it's very likely that the required majority of 61 MKs will not be found - because even the left-wingers will not support it, for fear that it will be used to transfer Arabs out of their homes."

Close to 2,000 people arrived in Migron today for a joyous Torah Scroll dedication ceremony. Migron is still on the list of "illegal outposts" to be uprooted, despite its 43 families and the aid it received over the past three years from six government ministries. "The attempt to uproot Migron is an attempt to uproot from the heart the vibrant bonds between our nation and its land," organizers said. "We see this trial as one of the strength and faith of the entire settlement enterprise in the Land of Israel."

"Cars were arriving at first," resident Aviva Winter told Arutz-7 today at the close of the celebrations, "but then there was no more room and the people who came by bus were told they had to walk up." Migron is located less than five miles north of Jerusalem, on a hilltop overlooking the roads to Psagot, Beit El, Michmash, Ofrah, and northern Shomron.

The Winters arrived in Migron with their three children - the oldest is aged four and a half - four months ago from Jerusalem. Mildly encouraged by remarks such as those made by Omri Sharon this morning, Mrs. Winter said, "That's nice, but we can't believe anyone, and we are not letting down our guard for a second."

The Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza also feels that there is no room for complacency. Responding to reports that the government has changed its mind about destroying Migron, the Council says that the uprooting might occur as early as next week, after thousands of young potential uprooting-resistors return to school following the Chanukah vacation. Local police officials presented their evacuation plan yesterday to IDF Yesha Commander Brig.-Gen. Gadi Eisencott. Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman reports that in any event, the evacuation of three other populated outposts is scheduled for the coming days: Avigayil near Hevron, Red House in Adei Ad near Shilo, and Ginot Aryeh - 15 families (!) - outside Ofrah.