NRP'S Levy Explains Why Unilateral Moves are Not Logical

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A top leader of the National Religious Party, MK Rabbi Yitzchak Levy, welcomed the news that the United States is against Israel taking unilateral steps. "There is still hope," he said, but then became more to-the-point:
"The truth is that there really is no logic to unilateral steps. They won't bring peace any faster, they won't stop terrorism; Abu Ala said as much himself, and we have to believe them when they say they won't stop their attacks. Most of the countries in Europe and elsewhere are also against a unilateral approach, so it's really a non-starter."

Regarding the uprooting of outposts, and particularly the 42-family "outpost" Migron near Psagot, Levy said,
"I plan to submit a resolution in the party stating that any community, even if it's just an outpost, in which the government has invested resources, should be considered a recognized location. I was Housing Minister, and I know these matters: There are places for which the government does not want to publicly declare its support, yet helps out in all sorts of ways - such as roads, caravans, army protection and the like. But the government can't come now and uproot the very people that it invited, in various ways, to live there. The government can't speak to them out of both sides of its mouth. To the best of my knowledge, in Migron and in many other outposts, the government invested - and this must be our standard for judging whether it's legal or not."