Kach Sites Blacklisted In U.S.

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AFP reports that for the first time, the U.S. has extended its terrorism blacklist to the internet, designating four websites run by supporters of Rabbi Meir Kahane as operated by "foreign terrorist organizations." A State Department official said that this is the "first time, to our knowledge, that a website or any website has been [thus] designated."

The four websites are: "www.Kahane.org", "www.Kahane.net", "www.Kahanetzadak.com" and "www.newkach.org". The officials say that Kahane's supporters, "who want to see the restoration of the biblical state of Israel," are accused of "a number" of attacks against Arabs, as well as "making threats" against Israeli officials. The State Department's apparent trump card is that Baruch Goldstein was "affiliated with Kach" and that Kach "issued statements in support of the attack." Goldstein is accused of killing 29 Arabs in a February 1994 shooting spree in Hevron's Tomb of the Patriarchs, at the same time that Arab terrorists there were reportedly planning a mass terror attack against Jews.

AFP reports that Kahane.org presents itself as the official Kahane website, that kahanetzadak.com declares that "Kahane was right" and complains that Prime Minister Sharon has not been tough enough in responding to Palestinian attacks, and that kahane.net "appears to be a compilation of links to web-based Judaica."