Non-Stop Efforts Against Terror

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It was released for publication today that the General Security Service has arrested three young Arabs from eastern Jerusalem for their involvement in the #2 bus massacre two months ago. That attack, on a bus filled with worshipers returning from the Western Wall, killed 23 people. The three Hamas terrorists had also planned to send several additional suicide bombers to attack Jewish targets.

The Rosh Ha'Ayin area, between Petach Tikvah and western Shomron, was placed on high terrorism alert this afternoon, in light of reports of terrorists on their way to the region to perpetrate an attack. Extra police and army checkpoints were set up, but the alert was downgraded after a few hours. Heavy traffic continued in the region throughout the afternoon.

Arab gunfire was directed at an IDF outpost near Rafiach Yam in Gush Katif this morning; no one was hurt, and IDF soldiers returned fire... Sgt. David Solomonov, who was killed by Lebanese terrorist sniper fire on Yom Kippur, was laid to rest in Kfar Saba this afternoon.

Police were on their second-highest alert level today, in light of the more than three dozen intelligence warnings of terror attacks. The complete closure on Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza continues. Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim said today that, contrary to army request, there is currently no intention to call up the reserves in the framework of the war against terrorism. The decision will be re-evaluated in the coming weeks.