Baby Terrorist Victim Buried Today

Shaked Avraham, the 7-month-old baby who was murdered in Negohot on Friday night by a Palestinian Arab terrorist - the 7th baby victim of the Oslo War - was buried this afternoon in Kfar HaRoeh.

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Shaked (pronounced ShahKED) Avraham, the 7-month-old baby who was murdered in her home in Negohot on Friday night by a Palestinian Arab terrorist, was buried this afternoon in Kfar HaRoeh, near Hadera. Eyal Yeberbaum, 27, who was also murdered in the attack, was buried in his original hometown of Rehovot late last night.

"A chilling aspect of this story," related Negohot's security officer Yuval Levinger this morning, "is that the terrorist was just freed two months ago from Israeli prison in the framework of the gestures towards Abu Mazen - even though it was known that he had been planning to carry out a terrorist attack. And so, a few weeks later, he carried it out."

The murderer, a member of Islamic Jihad, had little difficulty making his way into the community, as "bureaucratic difficulties" have left it with no perimeter fence. He approached the caravan of Eyal and Sarah Yeberbaum, who were hosting Shai and Shira Avraham and their baby Shaked for the Rosh HaShanah holiday. Upon hearing a knock on the door in the middle of the meal, they repeatedly asked who it was, and suddenly bullet fire sprayed the room through the door. Eyal and the Shaked were mortally wounded, and the terrorist then began to fire on other caravans nearby, wounding two other residents. Finally, an armed resident from another caravan came out and was able to shoot and kill the terrorist, ending the carnage.

The baby's father, an ambulance driver, attempted to resuscitate his seven-month old, but was not successful.

Shaked is at least the seventh baby under one year old to be murdered in the ongoing Oslo War of terrorism against Israel. The others were Shalhevet Pass, 10 months old, of Hevron, in March 2001; Yehuda Chaim Shoham of Shilo, five months, hit by a large rock in June 2001; nine-month-old Aviyah Malka in March 2002 in Netanya; Tif'eret Sarah Shilon, nine months, who was one of nine people, including her father and maternal grandmother, who were murdered outside Emanuel in July 2002; and two babies - Shmuel Zargari, 11 months, and 3-month-old Shmuel Taubenfeld of the United States - murdered in the #2 bus bombing last month.

Negohot, a growing Yesha community of 31 families - 19 families moved in over the past two years - is situated on the east-west highway between Kiryat Gat and Hevron. Though physically closer to Hevron, its only road to the Jewish Southern Hevron Hills communities passes through PA-controlled Area A - leaving it more "connected" with the pre-1967 areas near Kiryat Gat.

The terrorists of Gaza fired 15 mortar shells on the nearby Jewish communities over Rosh HaShanah; no one was hurt.