Thousands Circle Jerusalem Gates

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Thousands of Jews once again took part last night in the monthly Jerusalem Gates March - "Sivuv She'arim" - inside and just outside of the Old City. Participant Yocheved Golani reports that the air was filled with "the ascending hopes of the proud Jews who celebrated the holiness and history of the precious location."

Other sounds heard intermittently were drums, shofar-blasts, Psalms, music, singing, and public invitations to come and visit the Temple Mount in accordance with Jewish Law.

Among the sights, reports Golani, were "card-playing shopkeepers [and Arab] store vendors shutting their metal gates [trying] to appear nonchalant as the crowds passed them by," as well as "white, blue and black flags depicting the rebuilt Temple" and strategically-placed flags indicating the names of the various gates for the marchers' edification.

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