IDF Counter-Terror Operation

The IDF's Operation "Tzlil Mechuvan" - Tuned Tone - continues for the fourth day today. A curfew has been declared in Jenin and Shechem, and the army has reportedly taken over central intersections.

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The IDF's latest intensive counter-terror offensive continued for its fourth day today, with soldiers making house-to-house searches for terrorists. A curfew was declared in Jenin and Shechem, and the army reportedly took over central intersections. PA sources report that the army has cut off the cities' slums - populated by those who left Israel in 1948 and 1967 and which are generally hotbeds of terrorism - from their cities.

Arab terrorists in Yesha are now trying to manufacture their own Kassam rockets. An explosives lab for this purpose was found this morning in the Shechem market area, fully equipped with ready-to-go explosive packs. Another explosives lab was found on Friday. A Tanzim headquarters in Shechem was found on Friday in the same building as a hospital - two floors above the maternity ward; IDF forces killed a Tanzim terrorist there on Friday, and another one - responsible for several major attacks, including the Itamar high school attack in which three students were murdered - was seriously wounded.

A Kassam rocket was fired this morning from northern Gaza to Kibbutz Zikim, some two kilometers to the north; it landed on the nearby coastline and no one was hurt. An Arab-driven vehicle was stopped this afternoon by security forces near the Jewish community of Tapuach. The soldiers found combat materials and explosives inside the car.

Rachel Veitz, 70, died last night of wounds she suffered in the Tuesday night terrorist bus blast in Jerusalem. Her death brings the death toll in the attack to 21. Mrs. Veitz, a mother of 8 and whose grandchildren and great-grandchildren numbered more than 60, was a daily visitor to the Kotel [Western Wall], from where the bus had departed shortly before a Moslem Hamas suicide terrorist blew it up. She was buried in Har HaMenuchot in Jerusalem last night. Twenty-two people are still hospitalized from the blast, including four in serious condition. The name of the foreign worker who was killed in the blast was released today: Maria Anatonia Rasseles, 39, from the Philippines; her body will be flown home this evening.

Hizbullah fired several anti-aircraft shells towards Israel at the western sector of the Israeli-Lebanese border today. No one was hurt, and no damage was caused.