Baghdad And Jerusalem: How The U.S. Encouraged Suicide Terror

Ex-IDF Intelligence Chief Brig.-Gen. (res.) Aharon Levran said today that both of Tuesday's deadly Islamic attacks can be traced to United States policy: "The suicide bombers were inspired by Palestinian terrorists- whom the U.S. granted a state!"

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A demonstration was held this morning in New York City to mourn the victims of both of Tuesday's major terrorist attacks - the suicide bus bombing in Jerusalem and the truck bomb in Baghdad - carried out by Islamic terrorist organizations.

It should be noted that former senior IDF intelligence officer Brig.-Gen. (res.) Aharon Levran, speaking with Arutz-7 this morning, said that both attacks are rooted in a similar source:
"They are both the fault - not exclusively - of the U.S., both diplomatically and in terms of its war against terrorism. After all, where did all these suicide bombers in Iraq come from? They took their lead from Palestinian terrorism - the main source of inspiration for terrorism around the world. The Palestinians boast already well over 100 suicide attacks - and what did the U.S. do? It granted them the largest possible prize - a state! Not purposely, but the Americans proved that terrorism pays off!"

The New York protest, organized by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, was held opposite the U.N. A theme of the event was the demand that Syria step down from its chairmanship of the UN Security Council, and that the international community mobilize for a war on terrorists and against countries that aid them. Abu Mazen was singled out for failing to declare war on terrorism and dismantle the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure, arrest terrorists, confiscate weapons, and close rocket factories.

Among the participants: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg - who is scheduled to visit Israel next week; New York State Attorney-General Elliot Spitzer, Congressman Jerold Nadler, Israel's Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman, Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents, Rabbi Hershel Billet, and many others.

On Sunday at 11 AM, Amcha Coalition For Jewish Concerns will hold a protest vigil at the New York City home of Palestinian terror - outside the PLO Mission to the UN on 65th Street and Park Avenue. The organization states, "The Palestinian Authority has said it will not dismantle the terrorist organizations. The Bush Administration has not required to PA to act. We must not remain quiet."