Other Terrorism Updates

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In other attacks since last night (Tuesday), Arab gunmen opened fire at an IDF position along the Israel-Egypt border near Rafiach; soldiers patrolling in PA-controlled Shechem were targeted by gunfire; an Israeli car was stoned near Givat Asaf between Psagot and Ofrah; soldiers in southern Gaza were targeted by sniper fire near N'vei Dekalim. No one was hurt in these attacks.

In addition to the military activity in Hevron in response to the Jerusalem bombing, IDF soldiers arrested nine wanted terrorists, including Islamic Jihad and Hamas members, in the Jenin, Hevron and Ramallah districts. Among those arrested was Islamic Jihad terrorist Mejayed Taleb Amaran, who was responsible for organizing and sending out suicide bombers to strike Jewish targets. A large quantity of weapons and ammunition was discovered in Amaran’s possession upon his arrest.

It was also released for publication today that Israeli security services cracked and captured members of an Islamic Jihad cell who were planning a terrorist assault against the Jewish community in Hevron. And a Kalkilye man, arrested by General Security Services (GSS) agents and IDF soldiers, confessed that he and another suspect had planned to carry out a double suicide bombing against Jews in Israel. He and his erstwhile partner were photographed holding weapons and suicide belts in preparation for the attack, which was to be carried out in the name of the Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.