Mofaz vs. Arafat

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Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said today that Yasser Arafat - whose sister died today - is doing everything to torpedo the ceasefire and undermine Abu Mazen's leadership. "If he continues to be an obstacle to peace," Mofaz said, "Israel will consider what other steps to take against him." Mofaz was visiting the northern town of Shlomi, where a Hizbullah rocket landed on Sunday and killed 16-year-old Haviv Dadon.

The Palestinian Authority reports that Mahmoud Abbas, its prime minister, did not warn the terrorist organizations against violating the hudna. PA media reported yesterday that Abbas (Abu Mazen) had told the German news agency that he would use force against organizations that violate the hudna. Today, however, the PA Information Agency denies that this is Abu Mazen's intention.