Poli Sci Prof: P.A. Must Be Crushed

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Dr. David Bukay of Haifa University's Political Science Department, speaking with Arutz-7 today, took a very clear stand: "Who cares which terrorist organization perpetrated the attack? What's important is that the PA is a terrorist organization, and that in 1993 we did not crush it, and that this continues to be the main problem right up until today. We have not yet understood that we must crush the Palestinian Authority."

A-7: "Don't you see a difference between Abu Mazen and Arafat? After all, Abu Mazen even condemned today's attacks in public appearances to his own people."

Bukay: "It's just like in soccer, where one player kicks his opponent very hard, but because there's a referee, he apologizes and says, 'no hard feelings.' It's all a game. Abu Mazen is nothing more than Arafat's washrag, he does nothing at all without Arafat's OK - we see this, and record it, and we know it, and we pretend that we don't see it and that everything is fine. All Abu Mazen wants is quiet among his factions and to have the terrorists freed... Arafat continues to control the level of the violence; he is the brains behind the terrorism of Hamas and the others. There is no doubt that they both have the same goal. ... Hamas is using this period to re-organize, and to strengthen its terror capabilities, and we, in our stupidity, are helping them. ... Government officials such as Minister Gideon Ezra [who said today that the Road Map is proceeding acceptably] see no further than their government chairs. We unfortunately have one of the weakest governments in our history precisely now when we have to fight a war against terrorism."