Corner-Stone Ceremony To Be Held

In contrast with the above, however, the Temple Mount Faithful will be allowed to hold a special cornerstone-laying ceremony on the day of Tisha B'Av.

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The police grudgingly agreed to a Court-requested compromise, and the ceremony will begin in Jerusalem's Givat HaMivtar neighborhood, where many cars will accompany a truck carrying two large stones to downtown Jerusalem. The stones symbolize the foundation stones of the Third Holy Temple. Each of them weighs 6.5 tons and is made of diamond-cut marble; metal-cut stones are not permitted for Temple use. From downtown, the stones will be brought without fanfare to the Temple Mount gate near the Western Wall plaza for the conclusion of the ceremony.

Gershon Solomon, leader of the group, spoke excitedly of the historic nature of the decision:
"From a historic and national perspective, this begins a new chapter in our struggle for the Temple Mount, and actually for Jerusalem and the entire Land of Israel. Foundation stones for the Holy Temple in downtown Jerusalem! In a convoy and with a parade! This has tremendous significance, it is a real revolution - the crown jewel of the revival of the People of Israel in the Land of Israel."