At The Official P.A. Press Center, Incitement Continues

Caricatures, photos, and news articles on the official PA website continue to incite against Israel.

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A top story on the website of the Palestinian Authority's official news agency today states that Israeli soldiers killed a "Palestinian civilian" - but neglects to mention that he was engaged in terrorist activity. "A Palestinian civilian, Nihad Qassem, 27, was shot dead early Monday by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Tulkarim City," reads the report. "Palestinian sources affirmed, Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at Qassem, from Al Ram area, southern Tulkarim City, when he was driving his car in Mothalath Farooan area near the city." The report did not mention that he was involved in placing a bomb at the time.

In addition, the "caricature" section of the site features five cartoons - one of them with Sharon cavalierly ordering the murder of 99 PA residents, and two others showing a smiling Sharon surrounded by Palestinian blood. Photos in the "Palestinians and the Intifada" section show masked terrorists and children holding guns. The "Israeli Occupation Forces" section features photo after photo of "Israeli aggression," ostensibly not designed to foster a desire for peace.

Just a few days ago, Palestinian Authority television once again played an old clip, filled with violence, stone throwing and shootings. PMW (Palestinian Media Watch) reported that the clip includes 24 graphic scenes of dead and seriously wounded Arabs - "the type of clip the PA used to broadcast hours a day during the height of the conflict." Narration accompanying the film states, "We will attack while the stones are in our hands. By God, [may] your struggle be like this. We will not surrender, and no to humiliation. Even if the airplanes are bombing us ... until the liberation of Palestine."