Shots Hit Helicopter, And More Terrorism News

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Now permitted for publication: A month ago, Palestinian terrorists managed to shoot and hit an IDF helicopter in the area of Tul Karem. The pilot succeeded in executing an emergency landing and was not hurt. The IDF has not yet released an official announcement.

After PA terrorists fired their first short-range Kassam rockets, security officials warned that this was just the first step along a road leading to rockets and shells against planes and helicopters.

A few days ago, Hamas fired its longest-range Kassam rocket to date. The rocket has a range of ten kilometers - or just short of the city of Ashkelon, if fired from northern Gaza's Beit Hanoun, sometimes known as "Kassam City." Hamas continues its hudna preparations for the post-hudna era, having opened a bomb-engineering course in Gaza and developed a new and more powerful Claymore mine.

Anti-terror operations continued last night and today, and Israeli forces arrested two wanted Hamas terrorists in the Shechem region - one in the city and one in a village to the east.

Armed Arabs shot three different times last night at Israeli soldiers near the northern Shomron community of Kadim. Near Shaked, west of Jenin, a patrol jeep was fired on. No one was hurt in these incidents. The soldiers did not return fire, and in fact, the army's open-fire orders have been made more stringent. Soldiers are not permitted to shoot unless a terrorist has been identified with certainty as attacking. An elite undercover Duvdevan unit near Ramallah today caught a leading Islamic Jihad terrorist, responsible for many shooting attacks. Last week, security forces arrested three terrorists who were planning to abduct and murder an Israeli security agent; two additional cell members were apprehended two days ago.