PA Guards Shoot Hamas Man - By Accident

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Following PA security chief Mohammad Dahlan’s two hour meeting with Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz Thursday night, during which Mofaz explained that the Palestinian Authority needs to take serious steps towards the dismantling of terrorist organizations, Dahlan’s bodyguards shot and wounded an armed Hamas terrorist in Gaza. But it was only an accident.

The incident, described as a "misunderstanding" by Dahlan’s men, occurred as the PA official made his way back into PA-controlled Gaza from the Erez checkpoint, where the meeting with Defense Minister Mofaz had taken place. Dahlan’s bodyguards spotted an armed man, belonging to Hamas, and suspected that he was intending to open fire on their boss’ car. In response, the guards shot the Hamas man, wounding him in the leg. PA officials insist that the incident was accidental and not an attempt to assassinate Dahlan.