Hudna Has Had It?

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The hudna ceasefire, always fragile, could be on the verge of collapse. So writes Israel's main daily business newspaper, Globes, today. The terrorist attack of last night, for which Islamic Jihad (a hudna signatory) has taken credit, is apparently the reason that Abu Mazen has called off his meeting with Prime Minister Sharon that was scheduled for tomorrow.

In addition, Abu Mazen has written a letter to Arafat in which he threatens to resign, and Fatah is reported to be interested in continuing terrorist attacks even as the negotiations continue. Reuters reported today that in light of criticism by Fatah against Abu Mazen, the latter wrote to Arafat, "Send me instructions as to how to proceed [with the negotiations with Israel], and if I cannot accept them, I will resign as Prime Minister."

A possible terror attack was thwarted this afternoon near Carmel, southeast of Hevron. A police patrol arrested an Arab man acting suspiciously near Carmel, and found a rifle, magazines, and bullets nearby.