Determined Gaza Residents Win Again

The Jewish residents of Gaza won their second "battle" against the intentions to abandon their security in two days. The road passing through Kfar Darom will remain closed to Arab traffic - for now.

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The Jewish residents of Gaza won their second "battle" in two days against the intentions to abandon their security. Yesterday, their refusal to unblock a road forced IDF representatives to escort PA security officers via a side road used by laborers. The army had wanted to take the visitors on a tour of Gush Katif, but the residents refused, saying that they represented those who until only recently were shooting at IDF soldiers.

A more important victory came today, when their protests forced the army to put off its plans to open to Arab traffic a road passing through Kfar Darom. When news of the planned opening came, dozens of cars began streaming towards the area, and the army changed its mind. Rafi Amergi of Ganei Tal, whose wife Ahuva was murdered on the road's Kisufim Junction by Palestinian terrorists in Feb. 2002, was shocked at the original decision to open the road:
"The pain of the death of my loved one, and that of all the other victims of this war, has not dimmed. From a position of strength, I say that there is no reason to make another failed attempt to make concessions to the Palestinian terrorists. Only long-standing patience, continued settlement, and the faith that this land is ours will help us realize the dream for which our parents and grandparents arrived in the Land of Israel. Whoever doesn't understand that 55 years of history [since the establishment of the State of Israel] is not a substantial amount of time from a historical standpoint, does not understand that the struggle is far from over; it has just started."

Last night, Arabs of Gaza threw over 100 grenades at the IDF's Tarmit Outpost on the Israeli-Egyptian border. The Israeli forces were ordered not to return fire. This afternoon, a lone grenade was hurled. Fire was also directed at an IDF outpost near N'vei Dekalim last night.