P.A. Official Threatens: No Negotiations If Murderers Aren't Released

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Senior PA official Hisham Abdel Rizak resorted to threats once again. He said that if Israel does not release all the terrorists demanded by the PA, including those who actually murdered Jews, "we will see this as justification to withdraw from the hudna agreement." He said that in such a case, the PA will withdraw from the Road Map negotiations.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad, too, threatened that if Israel does not release their prisoners during the three-month hudna period, they will be free to end the cease-fire. It should be noted that the terrorist organizations do not appear anxious to end the hudna before three months have passed; see next story.

Members of families of terrorist victims held a protest vigil outside the Prime Minister's Office this morning. They demanded that terrorists not be released.

Legal commentator Moshe Negbi, well known for presenting the left-wing view of legal issues in Israel, surprised many this morning by saying that Israel should not release even those terrorists whose attacks did not result in deaths. He said that terror attacks against civilians constitute "war crimes" and that those guilty of such attacks should not be released.