Violence And Threats Continue, Despite Hudna

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Cease-fire violence last night and this morning: An Israeli guard protecting road-workers near Avnei Heifetz was shot and lightly wounded by Palestinian terrorists; a remote-controlled bomb exploded near Alfei Menashe near Kalkilye and Kfar Saba; and there were shots at IDF outposts in N'vei Dekalim in Gaza and near Jenin.

The police have deployed checkpoints in the Sharon area, in light of intelligence warnings of a terrorist attack. The alert is in place in Rosh Ha'Ayin, Kfar Saba and Petach Tikvah. Just a week ago, two terrorists were caught on their way to perpetrate a major attack in Petach Tikvah.

Despite all, the next step of the Road Map was implemented in Bethlehem today; see below.

More hudna news:
This afternoon, shots were fired at soldiers near Shechem, a bomb was thrown at Border Guard forces near the Machpelah Cave in Hevron, and a mortar was fired at Gadid in Gush Katif; no one was hurt...
Islamic Jihad chief Ramadan Shalach told a Lebanese newspaper this week that his organization has frozen its terror activities as a tactical move, "but if Israel or the Palestinian Authority harms our members, the ceasefire is off..."
Muhammad Dahlan said that some 12,000 stolen cars are currently on Gaza roads. A few days ago, a senior PA minister was found to be driving a car stolen from an Israeli in Jerusalem two years ago...

Hamas spokesman criticized the Sharon-Abu Mazen meeting last night, saying, “These meetings only serve the security interests of the Zionist occupation and they do not achieve any political goals in the highest Palestinian interest." About the hudna (temporary cease-fire), Rantisi said, “Our (Hamas) agreement of to a hudna stems from its desire to maintain unity in the Palestinian street, even though we well know that a cease-fire agreement with the Israelis will not achieve any goal for which the Palestinian people is striving.”