On Palestinian Incitement

The PA is aware of its anti-American and anti-Israel incitement - but is taking measures only against the former.

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The PA is aware of its anti-American and anti-Israel incitement - but at present is taking measures only against the former. Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA ("www.imra.org.il") notes that though the Palestinian National Authority State Information Service has removed some anti-American incitement from its website, the anti-Israel material remains as it was. This move, says Lerner, indicates "that the presence of the material on the website is not the result of neglect, but rather a decision by the Palestinian Authority to keep the inciting anti-Israeli material on the website."

As of today, a caricature of Uncle Sam in a death mask saying, "Join our forces and massacre the Iraqis" has been removed, while several cartoons depicting Ariel Sharon as a butcher, baby murderer, and cruel taskmaster remain on the website. See, for instance, "http://www.ipc.gov.ps/ipc_e/ipc_e-1/e_Carcature/ipc-e_car3.html".

More on Palestinian incitement:
Earlier this month, the PA Education Ministry announced the 10 first-place winners in a children's letter-writing contest. The choice of winners, says Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus, shows "that the PA Education Ministry continues to promote hatred and violence as values for Palestinian youth."

All of ten winning letters promote hatred and killing, and not one promotes peace with Israel. The themes include longing for Israel's destruction, desire to kill Israelis, and hatred of the US. Israelis are defined as the enemy, Israeli soldiers are depicted as taking bottles of blood of murdered children, and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon is vilified. For details, see "http://middleeastinfo.org/forum565". For more studies on anti-Israel incitement in the PA, see "http://www.pmw.org.il".