Warm Words About Terrorist Victim As Family Regroups For Shiva

Three of the wounded in the terrorist shooting near Ofrah last Friday are slowly recovering from their wounds, but the mourning for their husband/son is not over.

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The two critically wounded parents of Tzvi Goldstein, who was killed in the attack, are out of intensive care, but they will require medical care for at least several weeks. Tzvi's father Gene (Yehuda ben Brucha) and mother Lorraine (Sarah Leah bat Rachel) are now in the same room in Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital.

Tzvi's funeral was held on Saturday night, and his wife and daughter began the 'shiva' mourning period at that time. His son, David, however, whose wedding was the night before the murder, has the special status of "newly-married groom" - which overrides the mourning period, in accordance with Jewish Law. He will thus not begin the mourning period until this evening, when his first week of marriage ends.

The mourners - Tzvi's wife Michal (Michal bat Frumeh Sarah) and daughter - are sitting 'shiva' at the home of the latter's parents-in-law, the Freedmans, in Hashmonaim. Larry Freedman told Arutz-7's Yosef Zalmanson today that the groom "has come every day to join his mother and sister, and is reciting the Kaddish prayer, though he is not officially sitting 'shiva.' He will begin the 'shiva' only this evening, and will 'get up' together with them tomorrow afternoon."

"He was a very special man," Larry said of his daughter-in-law's late father Tzvi Goldstein. "He came to Israel in 1992 from the U.S. with his family, with the goal of living in Israel and bringing up his kids here. He also very much wanted to be a grandfather. I know that that was a special goal of his, and now he will not have that chance…" Larry said that Tzvi spent many hours driving, and "would pick up many people who needed rides. Many people said that he often went out of his way to bring them safely to their destination, even driving way past Eli, where he lived, to bring them home."

It will be recalled that Tzvi Goldstein, 47, of Eli, was driving his wife and parents to celebrate his son's wedding Sabbath when Palestinian terrorists - assumed to be members of Fatah - opened fire on the car north of Ofrah, hitting Tzvi and his parents. Tzvi continued driving in order to try to bring his family to safety, but when his bullet wounds overcame him, his seriously-wounded father took over the wheel from the passenger seat. He was unable to access the car's controls, however, nor was he familiar with the winding, hilly road.

After 15 kilometers, he finally located a relatively flat shoulder, to where he tried to direct the car and bring it to a halt. The car overturned, throwing the two women out of the car and trapping the two men inside. Emergency rescue forces arriving on the scene thought it was a car accident - until they saw the bullet wounds and the bullet holes in the car.

A resident of Eli who is close to the family said,
"One can only wonder how a 74-year-old mustered the strength to drive the car for 15 kilometers with the wounds he had. He realized his son was dead, thought his wife might be, and was himself fighting for his life. Not having any idea where he was, uncertain what to do other than keep the car going, get out of the area and avoid an accident, he did an amazing job."