Jews in Gaza Fear Return of PA

"Allowing Arab traffic on the main north-south highway, which passes right by our communities, is simply a danger to our lives." So says a Kfar Darom resident in light of reports that Israel may transfer security control in Gaza to the PA.

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Reports are increasing that Hamas and the PA are close to a hudna (temporary cease-fire) agreement, and that Israel will withdraw its military forces from parts of Gaza. Kfar Darom is a Jewish community in Gaza, north of Gush Katif, that would be greatly affected by such a change. Asher Mivtzari of Kfar Darom spoke to Arutz-7 today:
"Yes, we are most concerned about the indications that Israel may not only give up security control of parts of Gaza, but might also re-open [to Arab traffic] the main north-south highway that passes right by our communities. It is clear that this highway must not be opened, and the IDF agrees with this; it is simply a danger to our lives. The road was closed after the attacks [in late 2000] against Kfar Darom, especially the one in which two people were killed and three children lost their legs; it is clear without a doubt that Muhammad Dahlan, who is now supposed to be 'fighting' Hamas, was responsible for this attack. Now, because the road is closed, they can't carry out attacks of this nature, so they fire mortars instead. Dahlan very much wants this road back - but not for travel purposes, because they have other routes. What they want it for is so that they can use it for attacks against us. The terrorism in this area has not stopped for one day - we are approaching 3,000 mortar shells - and Israel has always made the Road Map contingent upon stopping terrorism, so what's the point in going ahead with this?"

Palestinian terrorists fired five mortar shells at Gush Katif last night, damaging the fence of one community. An 18-year-old terrorist with two knives was shot, wounded, and apprehended as he attempted to infiltrate the fence of the community S'lav - the westernmost point in the State of Israel, in southeastern Gush Katif.