Outpost Hearing Put Off Until Tomorrow

A legal hearing was postponed until tomorrow regarding the outpost of Tel Chaim B, the easternmost point in Beit El.

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The Civil Administration was to have held a legal hearing this afternoon for the outpost of Tel Chaim B, the easternmost point in Beit El. The hearing was postponed until tomorrow, because the outpost representatives said they had not received all the relevant documentation on the planned evacuation and dismantling.

After the hearing, it will be decided whether to actually uproot the outpost - a four-caravan site in which currently live two families. If it is decided to dismantle it, the residents will have another week in which to appeal the decision. Beit El leaders say that thousands of people will arrive at the site if it is decided to destroy it.

Atty. Avi Har-Zahav, representing Tel Chaim B, told Arutz-7 beforehand that among the claims he will bring are the fact that the neighborhood is located within the borders of Beit El, and that it serves an important role in bolstering the town's security. "As is known, Beit El has suffered greatly from attacks emanating from the nearby Arab villages," he said. Five homes on the town's outskirts were broken into and weapons were stolen four years ago; the town's security officer was stabbed in the shoulder by a terrorist who infiltrated the town and attempted to enter a house; a temporary neighborhood was attacked by an Arab mob several years ago, causing damage to a makeshift synagogue but no casualties; Arab mobs stormed the fence on at least two occasions and were pushed back; other Arabs infiltrated but caused no damage; etc.

In the previous dismantling of a manned site, Mitzpeh Yitzhar, it took forces over 10 hours to destroy the buildings. They also tried to evacuate the some 500 people who gathered there, but in the end gave up on this idea. Local residents announced afterwards that they were building other outposts in response, and some of them erected tents and spent the Sabbath in Mitzpeh Yitzhar itself. An outpost near N'vei Tzuf, erected ten days ago after two women were shot and wounded near there, has so far been built and dismantled twice.

Yet another outpost was established near Yitzhar last night, known as Givat (Hilltop) Ariel. It consists only of an industrial container at present.