Rocket Hits House, And More Palestinian Attacks

A new community was added to the list of those that have "received" Kassam rockets courtesy of Palestinian terrorists.

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The murderous attack on the Trans-Israel highway was not the only terrorist incident since last night. For one thing, a new community was added to the list of those that have "received" Kassam rockets courtesy of Palestinian terrorists. A home in Netiv HaAsarah, south of Ashkelon and just north of the Gaza Strip, was hit and damaged; no one was hurt. The rocket hit the living room of the home around 4:00 AM; only three hours earlier, the mother had taken her little daughter from the living room couch on which she had fallen asleep and peacefully brought her to her bed - thus possibly saving her life.

Shots rang out at a car with three family members south of Hevron late last night; no one was hurt, but the bullets damaged the car. Also last night, IDF forces came under attack near Silwad in the Ramallah region and near Netzarim in Gaza. This morning, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a Border Guard patrol near Kalkilye, and firebombs were hurled at an IDF jeep in Hevron. And there's more: Palestinian terrorist snipers fired from Khan Yunis towards Gan-Or in the Negev, a bomb was found and was dismantled near Rafiach, and a convoy of cars from Netzarim was fired upon.

Muhammad Badran, the head of Islamic Jihad in the village of Idna near Hevron, was captured today by a Naval Commando unit. Badran, ranked among the three most senior Jihad terrorists in the entire Hebron area, was taken into custody and is being interrogated by the IDF. Israeli forces also apprehended some 14 wanted terrorists last night, including a female suicide bomber. And three other suicide bombers were recently stopped by Israeli forces while on their way to carry out attacks. The three were apprehended in Tul Karem and Shechem. In another counter-terrorist operation, Israeli forces destroyed three abandoned structures last night that were believed to be used by PA terrorists in planning attacks against Israel. They did not find any arms-smuggling tunnels, however.

Another meeting between Israeli and PA security leaders ended last night without a decision. On the agenda was the transfer of security control in northern Gaza to the PA. An Israeli official told Ynet, "Security control for the lives of Israeli citizens will remain in IDF hands in any event, even if we allow Dahlan to operate his forces in the field." American envoy John Wolfe is meeting with PA leaders today.