Escalation in Gaza Violence

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Meanwhile, the violence in Gaza has only escalated of late. Israeli forces killed a terrorist yesterday who planned to commit a suicide attack today. Arutz-7's Moshe Priel reports that IDF soldiers last night arrested 29 suspects in Gaza, including seven wanted Hamas men, and that the army uncovered another arms-smuggling on the Israeli-Egyptian border. In the past four months, this area has seen many attacks at Israeli forces: over 45 anti-tank rockets, 18 bombs, hundreds of grenades - and the discovery of more than 20 arms-smuggling tunnels since the beginning of the year. This week in Gaza, there have been four Kassam rockets at Jewish towns, 14 mortar shells, 30 grenades, 10 bombs, and 2 anti-tank rockets. Several more attacks occurred this morning; no one was hurt.

IDF forces operated in Jenin today on the basis of intelligence information of likely terrorist activity. Two terrorists were killed and one soldier was lightly wounded. Arab reports have been received that hundreds of men have been gathered in city yards, where they are being individually checked.