Today´s Terrorism Watch

Fourteen people have been murdered in Palestinian terrorist attacks in the past two weeks. Police increased their presence throughout the country today in light of the receipt of over 50 terrorist warnings.

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Police training courses and leaves were canceled for today, and police increased their presence throughout the country today, in light of over 50 terrorist warnings received by the intelligence network. Fourteen people have been murdered in Palestinian terrorist attacks in the past two weeks. Security sources say that terrorist organizations in the PA have declared "war" on the PA - and are murdering Israelis to prove it. This, despite Abu Mazen's own call two and a half months ago to kill Israeli residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The latest attack, in Afula yesterday afternoon, left three people dead, two in very critical condition, nine others in serious condition, and several others with "light to moderate" wounds. Close to 60 others received medical treatment yesterday. Two of the victims have been identified: Hassan Ismail Tawatha, 41, of the Arab village Jissar a-Zarka (north of Caesarea), who was buried today, and Avi Zrihan, 36, of Beit She'an, who will be buried this afternoon in his hometown. Tawatha is survived by his wife and three children, while Zrihan is survived by his mother and brothers. The third victim was the security guard at the Ha'Amakim Mall - an immigrant army veteran whose family lives in the former Soviet Union. As usual, the authorities are waiting to inform the victim's family before publicizing his name.

Israeli police have arrested the parents of the suicide terrorist, who was finally ascertained to be a woman - a 19-year-old Islamic Jihad English literature student. Her brother is incarcerated in Israel on terrorist charges.

In other Palestinian attacks since yesterday, gunfire was directed at the Sivan base south of Ramallah last night, and soldiers operating in PA-controlled Tul Karem and near Bethlehem were also shot at. No one was hurt. IDF forces arrested 18 PA terror suspects last night.

The IDF has removed most of its forces from the Arab town of Beit Hanoun - sometimes known as Kassam Rocket City - after having operated there for five days. Small numbers of troops and undercover forces remain to try and prevent further Kassam firings. Army officials said that the operation, which included dozens of tanks, bulldozers, and more, had run its course.

The Afula attack shunted out of the headlines the bombing in Jerusalem early Sunday morning, in which seven passengers were murdered. Some of the victims were found dead in their seats. Over 20 were wounded in that attack, and five people are still hospitalized: two in serious condition, and three with "moderate" wounds.