Terrorism Continues Unabated

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Palestinian terrorists perpetrated several attacks in Gaza today. In the first attack, a suicide bicyclist sidled up to an IDF jeep near Kfar Darom and blew himself up; three soldiers were lightly wounded and transported to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva for treatment. Shortly afterwards, gunfire was directed at a Gaza Coast Regional Council employee near the community of Rafiach Yam; he was not hurt. Late this morning, terrorists fired at a bus on the Karni-Netzarim route; in that case, as well, no one was hurt, but the bus sustained damage. This afternoon, Arab attackers threw a grenade at an IDF patrol on the Egypt-Israel border, near Rafiach; there were no damages or injuries reported. Later, terrorists launched two mortar shells at Jewish communities in Gaza and IDF sappers disarmed an explosive device in the
hothouse area of the town of Morag.

S'derot, in the Negev region, was also targeted by PA terrorists this morning. A construction site near the Sapir college in S'derot suffered damages when a Kassam rocket, apparently fired from Gaza, slammed into it. Two young people were treated for shock.

The IDF continues its offensive in the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, from where most of the Kassam rockets are fired. The forces razed two terrorist homes. In other measures, Israeli security forces arrested 14 wanted terrorists and accomplices throughout Yesha last night, and destroyed the home of the terrorist who blew himself up in Hevron two days ago, murdering Gadi and Dina Levy.

Prime Minister Sharon's press advisor read an announcement last night, stating, "The objective of Palestinian terror, as perpetrated by all of the organizations operating out of the Palestinian Authority areas and from abroad, is to continue to murder civilians, women, children, babies and the elderly - simply because they are Jews and Israelis. . The State of Israel will continue to fight terror everywhere, at all times, and in every way possible... until we see that there is someone on the other side who can do this. Israel is a peace-seeking country. Its hand has always been, and will always be, extended in peace to those who are willing, and mainly to those who can accept it."

All the gestures and restriction-removals decided upon by the government on behalf of the Arab population of the PA have been canceled, in light of the recent wave of terrorism. "Every gesture has a price that can be measure in security," explained Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim (Likud). Yesha is now under a total closure, and Arab workers from Yesha are not allowed to work in pre-1967 Israel.

On the northern front, Hizbullah forces unleashed antiaircraft fire at Israeli planes patrolling the Lebanese border. An unexploded shell and shrapnel fell into Israeli territory, causing a minor fire in brush near the city of Kiryat Shemoneh. Witnesses reported hearing the sounds of the antiaircraft guns in the upper and western Galilee.