IDF Lashes Out At Rocket Cells

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The IDF continues, for the second day in a row, military offensives in Gaza to try to rid the area of terrorist rocket launching teams. The Arabs have escalated their rocket attacks on Sderot, Gush Katif and elsewhere on both sides of the Green Line in the past two weeks. The Negev city of Sderot, for instance, has been hit four times over the past week, and last night N'vei Dekalim suffered damages in what was at least its third attack in the same period. In the past two weeks, Gaza areas have seen 43 mortar shells, 10 Kassam rockets at Sderot, 2 other Kassam rockets, 5 bombings, and three incidents of anti-tank fire.

The Israeli forces entered the north-eastern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun late last night, only four kilometers from Sderot as the crow flies, and from there took over parts of nearby Beit Lahiya and Jabalya. They destroyed four buildings used by the rocket-launchers, and came under grenade attack, suffering no casualties. PA sources claim that three Arabs were killed. No time limit has been placed on the offensive.

Ten family members of victims of Kassam attacks and other terrorism filed a complaint with the Sderot police today against PA minister Muhammad Dahlan. They maintain that Dahlan was responsible for the attacks. The police said they would handle the complaint "according to regulations."

Southern Region Commander Gen. Doron Almog said today that the continued Palestinian rocketing of Israeli areas is due to the effectiveness of the partition fence surrounding the Gaza Strip, which prevents the terrorists from carrying out other attacks.

The Lebanon-based and Syria-and-Iran-backed Hizbullah terrorist organization attacked Israeli planes once again today with anti-aircraft fire. It occurred in the eastern sector of the Israeli-Lebanese border. Much shrapnel fell in the Kiryat Shmonah area, but no one was hurt.