What About The Terrorists Hiding Out In Ramallah?

The ZOA is urging Secretary Powell to replace his pressure upon Israel to free terrorists, with pressure upon the PA to surrender the terrorists it is harboring. <BR><br/>Jewish residents have begun protest actions of their own.

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The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has sent a telegram to US Secretary of State Powell, urging him to replace his pressure upon Israel to free terrorists with pressure upon the Palestinian Authority to bring terrorists to justice. At issue are the terrorists who murdered one or two Israelis in the past week and took shelter in Arafat's Mukata headquarters in Ramallah. The Fatah terrorist movement - of which Arafat is chairman and Abu Mazen is second in command - claimed responsibility for the murderous attack on Tzion David.

Jewish residents in Ramallah-area communities such as Ofrah, Beit El, and Shilo have begun protest actions of their own against the fact that the murderers are permitted to take refuge so close to the army's clutches. Hundreds of residents began marching from Highway 60 towards Ramallah with the demand that the army take action to arrest the almost 20 terrorists who are assumed to be hiding out in the Mukata. The army stopped the protestors, but not before several of them lay down on the road to prevent an official PA car from making its way to Ramallah.

In response to Powell's pressure, Israel has begun releasing 163 Palestinian Arab terrorists who "provided secondary support" for terrorist attacks. "If the U.S. authorities captured individuals involved in providing secondary support for terrorist attacks in America," the ZOA notes, "those suspects would be prosecuted and punished, not set free."

The telegram to Powell, signed by ZOA President Morton A. Klein and other officials, stated, "It is puzzling that the Bush administration, which has so vigorously pursued and killed terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, is pressuring Israel to release terrorists and is silent on the PA sheltering terrorists - even though President Bush himself has said repeatedly that those who shelter terrorists should be treated the same as terrorists."