Police Board Moving Bus, and More Counter-Terror

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An IDF paratrooper unit prevented a possible double suicide attack yesterday when it apprehended two terrorists, each carrying a suitcase containing 20 kilograms of explosives. The incident occurred north of Tul Karem, east of the seaside city of Netanya… An Israeli woman was lightly injured this morning when Arabs hurled rocks at her car outside the Arab town of Halhoul, south of Gush Etzion, which has been a source of much anti-Israel hostility…

In a dramatic operation this afternoon, police boarded a moving Egged bus in response to an emergency call from the driver, who said that a suspicious Arab was on board and that he feared a suicide bombing. The police climbed in through the windows as the bus was driving south from Raanana towards Tel Aviv, and apprehended the suspect. They found no explosives on his person, but it turned out that he had been wanted by the GSS and was in Israel illegally.

Security officials report that Hamas terrorists Suleiman and Salim Abu Iyad, apprehended in Ramallah this afternoon, have been on the wanted list for eight years. In the mid-90's, they were active in the Izzadin el-Kassam faction of Hamas, and were aides to Hamas commander Muhi a-Din Sharif, who was killed by IDF forces in the late 90's in Ramallah. The two are linked to many terror attacks, including the kidnap/murder of soldier Sharon Edri.