Arab Bomb - Not IDF - Kills 8 in Gaza

The IDF is adamantly denying media reports spread by the PA to the effect that its troops killed 11 Arabs during an anti-terrorism action in Gaza last night.

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Israel Foreign Ministry officials are irked at media portrayal of last night’s IDF counter-terrorism actions in Gaza as a "massacre," a "retaliation for yesterday’s terrorist attack," or both. IDF sources say that there is a wave of disinformation regarding the killing of 11 Arabs in Gaza last night. It is being said that the 11 were killed when IDF troops fired at a terrorist engaged in firing a missile at them - but the commander at the scene said that he "knows for sure that the only casualty was the man firing the rocket." The army says that eight of the 11 were killed when an Arab-built bomb went off inside a store, causing a fire and an explosion that had been aimed for an IDF vehicle parked outside. The vehicle and its crew were not hurt. Others of the dead Arabs were armed terrorists engaged in battle with the troops.

In addition, the IDF says that last night's action was planned long before yesterday’s attack.

The mini-security cabinet decided last night to impose a full closure on the Arab-populated areas of Judea and Samaria. Arabs are not allowed into pre-1967 Israel until further notice. The crossings into Jordan remain open.