Watch: Israeli TV host rips media for declaring Biden the winner

'Biden isn't the president-elect yet. This isn't a done deal, stop pretending that it is,' Israeli TV host says, excoriating media.

David Rosenberg ,

Avri Gilad
Avri Gilad

An Israeli television host excoriated mainstream media outlets for declaring former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of last week’s presidential election, saying media coverage of the election has virtually ignored the “serious legal problems” raised by the Trump campaign with the ongoing vote count in multiple states.

Avri Gilad, who hosts Channel 13’s “Haolam HaBoker” (The World This Morning) program, slammed the media’s coverage of the outcome of last week’s election, saying the results are not a “done deal” yet.

“You’re always discussing the news from the US as if what Trump is saying is a lie, and now here’s the truth. ‘This is the reality’, as you’re always saying,” said Gilad.

“The US Supreme Court has already made a judicial injunction [supporting] Trump,” Gilad continued, referring to Justice Samuel Alito’s order instructing counties in Pennsylvania to set aside late-arriving ballots. “There are extremely serious legal problems.”

“And you can’t call Biden ‘president-elect’. The process isn’t over yet. There are legal disputes.”

Biden “still hasn’t been elected. It isn’t a done deal.”

“There are serious problems in a number of states. I’m not saying that [Trump] will win, I’m not saying he’s correct. But you have to address this.”

The Trump campaign has claimed it has evidence of large-scale voting fraud in multiple battleground states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia.

On Monday, US Attorney General William Barr authorized federal prosecutors across the US to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified.