The ‘lockdown blues’ and its effect on Aliyah

The ‘lockdown blues’ in connection with ‘Aliyah blues’ is an indication of lacking a certain kind of focus to combat fear.

Dr. Sam Minskoff ,

New Olim from France arrive in Israel
New Olim from France arrive in Israel
Olivier Fitoussi

Dr. Sam Minskoff, a licensed clinical psychologist and Aliyah consultant, discusses what it takes to get through the virus ordeal relatively smooth.

According to Minskoff, it’s all in ones focus, as harsh as this sounds, is really not harsh at all. Quite the contrary.

One can apply this focus (Torah; which will be discussed in depth during the podcast).

What’s more, making an effort to not get caught up in fear and fear based explanations and information facilitates a smoother transition in life.