'If Biden wins, the money will start flowing to Iran again'

Israeli expert on Middle East, Zvi Yehezkel, warns that a Biden victory could empower Tehran.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 12:08 PM


A win by Joe Biden in next month’s presidential election could empower the Iranian government, warned Zvi Yehezkel, an Israeli expert on Middle East affairs.

Speaking in an interview with Radio 103FM Friday morning, Channel 13’s Zvi Yehezkel said that if Biden unseats Trump, Iran will be awash in foreign currency from the West, strengthening the regime which has been weakened both by years of sanctions and by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“The coronavirus really did a lot of damage there [in Iran]. The regime suffered some serious damage, and at this point, the Iranians are looking for a life preserver.”

“If Biden is elected, as far as Iran goes, that means the nuclear deal is back,” Yehezkel said. “And the money will start to follow back into Iran again.”