895 new coronavirus infections diagnosed

Number of patients in serious condition continues to fall, hospitalizations drops below 1,000 as infection rate trends downward.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


A total of 895 new coronavirus cases were diagnosed in Israel Thursday, according to data released by the Health Ministry Friday morning.

New recoveries continued to outpace the number of newly diagnosed cases, with 2,752 patients recovering on Thursday.

Since the pandemic began, 308,572 cases of the virus have been diagnosed across Israel, with 288,973 cases ending in recovery.

Of the 17,279 currently active cases, 15,089 are being treated at home, with 1,194 patients treated at coronavirus hotels.

The number of hospitalized coronavirus patients fell below 1,000 for the first time in weeks, with 996 hospitalizations as of Friday morning.

Of those 996 patients in hospitals, 570 are in serious condition, 154 are in moderate condition, and 223 are on respirators.

The number of patients in serious condition has fallen more than 37% from its peak of 908 on October 4th.

The percentage of positive tests inched up slightly Thursday compared to the percentage of positive tests on Wednesday, despite a general decline over the past week.

On Thursday, 2.8% of tests came back positive, compared to 2.7% on Wednesday, 3.8% on Tuesday, and 3.5% Monday.

Seven coronavirus-related fatalities were reported on Thursday, bringing the death toll to 2,319.