Netanyahu urges haredi public to follow lockdown restrictions

'This time we'll end lockdown gradually,' says PM as some lockdown restrictions lifted. 'Follow the rules and your towns will become 'green'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urged the haredi public to adhere to the Health Ministry’s guidelines and the lockdown restrictions still in place, as Israel begins to slowly reduce restrictions on public activity.

Speaking at the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday, Netanyahu said the second lockdown would be ended more slowly and gradually than the first lockdown.

"Today we are beginning our exit from the lockdown. This time we are cautiously and responsibly exiting from the lockdown, exactly according to the outline that was proposed to us by the experts and by the Health Ministry, including the red cities.”

“Contrary to what has been claimed in the media, we have not agreed to any change in the outline that was submitted by the experts, and I strongly reject the claims regarding political considerations. There were no political considerations and all of the ministers that participated in the discussion will attest to this.”

“The decisions that we made about the lockdown, about the slow and gradual exit, were not simple decisions but they were responsible, and this is how we must continue to act. I expect all of you to stand together, behind the decisions that we have made, and behind the decisions that we will make.”

Alluding to the schools in the haredi sector which opened Sunday in violation of lockdown orders, Netanyahu said the full restrictions remain in place in “red cities” – including many haredi communities – and urged members of the haredi public not to violate the ongoing lockdown.

“In the red cities, we will maintain the cordon, until they also lower the morbidity data and these cities become green. I call on the haredi public to adhere to the directives. Many are adhering to them but there is also a considerable public that is not. I ask you, all of you, to follow the rules; they save lives. Together we will be able to lift the lockdown and you, all of you, will also become residents of green cities.”

“This week I will convene the Corona Cabinet to continue discussing the next stages of the outline. I have asked the Finance Minister to formulate an additional assistance plan for workers and businesses that remain under lockdown in the red cities. I welcome the quick work in formulating the outline. Our goal is clear: To leave no one behind.”